Noam Carver sticks to original jewelry design and has won number of world design awards. He focuses on engagement ring design and his work is a mix of classical culture and modern style, with flexible design, Noam allows more consumers to highlight their unique personality through the jewelry.

双色球开奖结果134:NOAM CARVER

双色球怎么买 Noam Carver is an award-winning designer who creates captivating original jewelry. An innovative designer with an unwavering commitment to uphold old world standards of excellence in craftsmanship.

His Collections consist of Vintage, art deco, classic and modern styles.Perfectly crafted, combining modern glamour with timeless elegance.

Each ring is individually handcrafted with careful attention to detail and styling.His designs embody sophistication, energy and intellect. “I design rings for women who desire to stand apart for the crowds. Who are searching ways to further define their uniqueness and enhance their inner beauty.”


- Apprenticed for 2 years under Italian master jeweler Paolo Vena.

- Studied fine arts and sculpture at Concordia University.

- Traveled around the world working for international high-end jewelry design firms.

- Returned to Montreal and opened a studio designing jewelry for a private high-end clientele.

- Lunched the Noam Carver Collection at the Centurion Jewelry show in Arizona.

- 9 time award winning designer

- The Noam Carver collection is distributed in over 100 exclusive retail locations across North America.

The women who wear Noam Carver rings have a personal and unique sense of style. They are sophisticated women who recognize and appreciate the finest standards of craftsmanship and design. From his design Studio in Montreal, Noam Carver has created the next great brand of true luxury.
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